Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched
Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched
Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched
Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched
Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched
Ws10 The Morning Tote Bag Handstitched


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I named this bag "THE MORNING" and here is a little story behind it. I bet everyone have similar experience that, in one of those sat morning, you wake up, and think of what to do first, either to brush your teeth or have a coffee or turn on the TV, and to me, in that morning, I couldn't stop thinking of creating this bag, and in just a second, the design was created in my head, and the next second I head to my studio and start making it. wait ... I did have my coffee before that tho :)


  • italian vegetable tanned leather 
  • body measurement: 23.2 cmW x 38 cmH x 8 cmD
  • adjustable handles from hand bag to shoulder bag length
  • leather plate in the middle top area of one side of the bag with "Leatherlands" logo
  • made to order
  • wide range of color for selection


our leathercraft workshop will be held in an historical building of Amsterdam in small group, this leathercraft workshop consists of many different part, our teacher will show you in every step until the finished creation, next part you will see the steps.


  • paper template explanation
  • using pre-prepared paper template cutting certain needed leather pieces
  • edge polishing
  • saddle stitching
  • buckle installation
  • beveling
  • stitching holes punching


all leather we used are high quality vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy. the tanning process took more than two months, and finished with blend of oils and waxes which make it durable. the card wallet will age the way you use it, as it will adsorb human fat when you are carrying it, making it even more beautiful by time.

p.s. all leather pieces were hand cut from full grain vegetable tanned leather, there may be minor markings on the surface owing to the life of the animal, but all the leather part we use were carefully selected and we would never use leather surface which have holes and cuts. 


our leather are vegetable tanned leather which the surface is ready to be used and finished, if by any chance the leather touches water please let it dry out naturally, if any crack appears afterwards, you can put on any leather conditioner to moisturise the leather.

In general if you keep carrying it from time to time, or if you store it in your drawer, do remember to take it out and use it sometimes, then the leather will always look great as it absorb human fat which makes it shine.