About Leatherlands

I am Carlos Yeung (楊卓燊 in Cantonese ), the owner of Leatherlands, my journey all started with finding the perfect gift for my best friend. I went to big departments stores and small designer stores, but all I saw are overall the same things. I wanted something more personal, something which makes my friend feel unique and special, and think of me from time to time. Eventually I passed by a leathercraft store and saw some leather pieces and thought why not make something myself.
Hours I spent with cutting and stitching leather together, eventually it looks a lot more like a decent present to give to my friend. These process brought me so much joy and laughter.
After my best friend had received my gift, he loves it so much that not only telling me how happy he was but also showing his appreciation to other friends as well, and you know friends got jealous so easily. Therefore, I crafted even more presents later for my friends and family ...
After a while, I decided to proceed my leather craft skills onto a professional level, I joined courses in Hong Kong, where I am originally from, and started to make more and more products.
With my passion for leathercraft and making presents a more personal feel I started with Leatherlands.nl in 2015. The name is an ironic reference to the Netherlands, place where I started with my company. A company for leathercraft knowledge sharing, personalised leather products, tools, leathers and workshops to everyone who are interested, from beginners to advanced level.

If you want to know more about Leatherlands.nl or about me? Don't hesitate, just send an e-mail to hello@leatherlands.nl and I will hello back to you within 24 hours.