Workshop Reviews

Through out the year we continuously organise workshop in our studio in Amsterdam. Here are some amazing moment we created together with our students, and they also left us some comments how they enjoyed the workshop with us ~




Emma who is an art student from France "I learned a lot from Leatherlands during my internship with Karel, also I get chances to meet with interesting people from everywhere, it helps me gain experience which I can apply for my future studies." 








 Beth who is from Ukraine and a student studying in Amsterdam "Been joining Leatherlands's workshop for many times already, the whole process is so enjoyable and yet meditative :)~ And I've improved my skills a lot through out the whole journey"






 Mr. Tomoyoshi who is originally from Japan and now working in the Netherlands "Karel is very attentive and detailed minded, he guided me through the whole experience, I am glad I made a very decent gift for a friend of mine !"   


We are also one of the hosts on airbnb experience, below are some reviews we received from our guests, you can also check via the link below for other reviews or workshop details


You are very welcome to join alone or with your friends, and in our workshop, you will have chance to meet other people who have the same interest.