Pull Up Leather - Navy
Pull Up Leather - Navy
Pull Up Leather - Navy


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Vegetable Tanned Leather - Belly
* Pull Up Leather

26 x 38 cm = EUR 20
2 times 26 x 38 cm = EUR 36

1 mm
all pre-splited 
other thickness can be requested for order more than 10 pieces of skin

edges of leather are irregular, depends on the original shape of skin, and we will make sure the size of leather which ship out from our atelier will be slightly bigger than the ordering size.


all leather we used are high quality vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy. the tanning process took more than two months, and finished with blend of oils and waxes which make it durable. the leather ages the way you use it, as it will adsorb human fat when you are carrying it, making it even more beautiful by time.

p.s. all leather pieces were hand cut from full grain vegetable tanned leather, there may be minor markings on the surface owing to the life of the animal, but all the leather part we use were carefully selected and we would never use leather surface which have holes and cuts. 

*Pull Up Leather
pull up leather is coloured with aniline dyes that are sealed using waxes and/or natural oils but not using paintor top coats. The top finish is color waxed. Pull-Up leather is therefore also called as waxed leather or oiled leather.


our leather are vegetable tanned leather which the surface is ready to be used and finished, if by any chance the leather touches water please let it dry out naturally, if any crack appears afterwards, you can put on any leather conditioner to moisturise the leather.

In general if you keep carrying it from time to time, or if you store it in your drawer, do remember to take it out and use it sometimes, then the leather will always look great as it absorb human fat which makes it shine.